Republican State Unitary Enterprise Research and Project Institute “Nurofar”

Here is the general history of our institute foundation, its activity, structure, and also the number of design works accomplished by our institute.

Our mission - qualitative development of power industry by means of objects’ professional designing.

Our credo - high quality and the minimum terms of designing, choice of an optimal design decisions, and also reasonable prices for performance of design services. High qualification and experience of our specialists, also the use of modern software can help these facts to reach with success.

Our values and priorities:

In the period of works, we design different setting objects and complexity levels. With some other more interesting objects, you can look through next sections.

Institute conducts the active scientific work, participates in Republican and International conferences. In the comparison of our short period activity (from 2008) more than 35 articles are published.

Well co-ordinated works of all departments provide dispatching and efficient performance of assigned tasks.

Technical support

The departments of institute are provided with the computer software, and connected to the global set (Internet) allows to be plugged in to world scientific-technical achievements and to have relations with other organizations, both inside and outside of republic with foreign partners.

There is modern laboratory in the institute, equipped with the newest devices and equipment which is engaged in carrying out of stationary observations and distribution of results on both chemical water and soil analysis.

The institute is equipped with up-to-date digital equipment - portable mobile navigating device "Garmin", rotator signals’ converter (ПСВ-1), and etc. Such equipment with technical means allows in short time and with high quality conduct important survey work on geology, topo-geodesy, and hydrology.

The institute has also got its typographic equipment with a complete staff with coppier, copying and other office technics that allow print and collect set of projects and different kinds of technical documentations in short term and efficiently, which released by the institute.

For conducting of institute field departures and research works is provided by own vehicle.